Mother's Day Fairy Garden! A Complete Tutorial For Growing Your Own Magical Gift

A handmade fairy garden is the perfect gift for a special mom. And of course, every mom is special! Created with love, these fairy gardens are as much an artistic expression as a little bit of garden magic. 

Below you will find steps to help you:

  • Sprout your own herb seeds to plant.
  • Make your planting pot special with paint.
  • Plant and landscape your garden.
  • Create a fairy or even an elf caretaker for the garden. 

These adorable gardens also make great gifts for grandmas, aunts, teachers and anyone else special in a child's life! We made one last year as a special end of the year gift for a wonderful teacher at my daughter's school. 

Step One: Sprout Some Seeds

Sprouting seeds is great fun for children. They love to care for their seed babies and watch the magical apperance of tiny green leaves. You can skip this step and purchase herbs to put in your garden; visit the step three for fresh herb plant ideas that are perfect for a fairy garden! Visit here to learn about sprouting seeds!


Step Two: Paint Your Pot

Pot painting is an favorite activity for kids and it makes these little fairy gardens all the more special. Prepare for some messy fun and visit here for pot painting ideas!


Step Three: Landscape Your Garden

This is my favorite part of fairy garden creation. The sky is the limit! Use you imagination and create a beautiful, unique little home for all the seedlings and the new little fairy! If you decided not to sprout seeds, this section has some great idea for selecting live herb plants that are perfect for a fairy garden.  Visit here for landscaping inspiration!


Steep Four: Fairy Creation!

Every garden needs a little fairy to tend it and keep help it grow! Children can make a special fairy personalized for mom.

Visit here for complete step-by-step fairy making instructions.

Visit here to see a variety of fairies made special for special mommas. 


Thanks so much for visiting!

I hope you have fun making your very own Mother's Day fairy garden!


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