A Fairy Garden for Mother's Day ~ Painting Pots

Our little seedlings are growing nicely and so this week we were ready for the next part of our fairy garden construction, painting garden pots.  

This is a great activity for kids young and old and they can make their pot as fancy or simple as they want.  It would be great to put sweet little hand prints on the pots it you feel so inclined!  We used a sharpie to label the bottom of each pot with the child’s name and the year, so that mom will know when her beautiful creation was made.  



We used simple terra cotta pots and paint from the craft store for this activity.  Be sure to get paint that is weatherproof and can be used on clay.   Also, protect surfaces and clothes from paint spills and mishaps.  Then stand back and watch the fun!



~ Each Garden Will Have ~

  • Fragrant Edible Herbs

  • Lovely Garden Paths

  • A Personalized Kid-Made Flower Fairy To Tend The Garden

  • Fairy Sized Tools & Garden Accessories

  • A Beautiful Painted Pot




Join us and create your own fairy gardens for Mother’s Day.  

These little gardens make the perfect for grandma too!

Week One ~ Sprouting Seeds

Week Three ~ Planting & Landscaping

Week Four ~ Fairy Creation

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