A Fairy Garden For Mother’s Day ~ Flower Fairy Creation

The last few weeks have found us busily crafting a lovely gift for all the preschool mommas.  And now we are ready for the best part, creating a little caretaker fairy for our precious Mother's Day fairy gardens.  


Full instructions for creating flower fairies can be found HERE.  

These fairies are easy to make and can be as fancy or as simple as you would like them to be.  


Check out all of our fairy creations below!  

It is so fun to see the kiddos imaginations take flight with each and everyone of these unique fairies.  

Some of our fairy gardens have already made their to their new homes.  And so far the mommas absolutey love their gifts.  

Here Are The Full Instructions For Creating A Fairy Garden For Mother's Day 

Sprouting Seeds

    Painting Pots

    Planting & Landscaping

    Happy Mother's Day!