Making A Fairy Garden for Mother's Day ~ Part One


We are busy little bees preparing the sweetest fairy gardens for each of the special mammas at our preschool!  This creation process is happening over a course of weeks giving us plenty of time to make the gardens a true, careful artistic expression.  It is part learning about botany and plant life cycles, part arts & crafts but mostly it’s a lot of fun!


~ Each Garden Will Have ~

  • Fragrant Edible Herbs

  • Lovely Garden Paths

  • A Personalized Kid-Made Flower Fairy To Tend The Garden

  • Fairy Sized Tools & Garden Accessories

  • A Beautiful Painted Pot


~ Step One: Sprouting Seeds ~

Our first step was all about sprouting seeds for our garden.  Our day started with a discussion about what a seed is and what it needs to grown.  We also read a book about seeds and gardening.  There are so many great books to choose from that cover this subject for little kids.  

~ A few of my favorites books are ~ 

Photo Credit For Book Covers ~ Amazon

Photo Credit For Book Covers ~ Amazon


~ Herbs For A Fairy Garden ~

We choose to sprout chamomile and lemon balm because they are two of our favorite herbs!

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm



All the kids love the tasty tea made from these two wonderful calming plants.  Plus they are lovely when growing and make the perfect plants for a fairy garden for mom.  Other herbs to consider include mints such as chocolate mint, peppermint and apple mint, anise hyssop, calendula, heartsease and pansies, rosemary, lavender, and thyme just to name a few!

Join us over the next few weeks and create your own fairy gardens for Mother’s Day.  

These little gardens make the perfect for grandma too!


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