Summer Herb Camp: Magical Fairies!

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I love fairies, don’t you?  

Let’s go and visit the world of fae, play with plants and have some fun!

A great way to get started your fairy adventure this week is with a Magical Letter From The Fairies from the Magic Onions.  Perhaps the letter leads your child to the out to the (fairy) garden.  Or maybe it invites you child to start creating some of the crafts below.  This activity from The Magic Onions is perfect for inspiring the imagination and wonder.

~ Fairy Crafts ~

Crafting is so much fun.  Here are some great crafts to get you going this week.  Be sure to put in your own touches and make each project unique!


Pounded Flower Fairy Wings, this is one of my favorite fairy crafts.  It is a feast for the eyes that transforms into wearable art!

Created a tiny little Enchanted Fairy Snow Globe World, full of sparkles and fun.  

Fairy Doors are so magical, especially when you create your own with We Know Stuff.

Follow this tutorial for How To Make A Pop-up Puppet from Jennifer Margulis but change them around to make them into fairies and even gnomes!  

~ Make Fairies & Garden Dolls ~

Use a variety of nature materials and craft supplies to make fairies and little friends for your fairies to play with!


MYO Flower Fairy to adventure with or simply enjoy a lovely day in the garden together.  

These Tree Fairies were originally made in the Autumn with colorful Fall leaves.  They would be just as beautiful with vibrant Summertime green leaves.  

Create lovely little dolls out of real flowers, the perfect friend for any fairy, Hollyhock & Abutilon Flower Dolls from Thyme In A Bottle.

~ Fairy Crowns & More ~

Do you need some fairy attire?

Lovely little baby rosebuds* make the sweetest Rosebud Crowns & Hearts.

Craft a beautiful wreath of to make a Daisy Crown from Beneath The Rowan Tree.

Have a lot of mint growing in your yard?  Spend the day making Fairy Crowns, Fairy Wands & Chocolatey Mint Cookies, yum!

~ Grow A Fairy Garden ~

What better way to have fun with the fairies then to grow your very own fairy garden?

Visit The Magic Onions ~ Fairy Gardens for a whole bunch of inspiration.  Every year they host a fairy garden contest and the creativity is truly amazing.  

Here are some of the fairy gardens we have made over the years ~

~ Fairy Treats For A Tea Party ~

Invite your friends to the party with a Magical Letter From The Fairies!


Here are some ideas for tasty treats to share ~

  • Iced Infusions made with the yummiest of herbs like lemon balm, mint or chamomile

  • Freeze ice cubes with pretty edible flowers inside to keep your infusion cold

  • Bake cookies with mint, lemon balm or anise seeds added

  • Make sugared flowers

  • Serve warm dandelion biscuits (add dandelion flower petals to your favorite biscuit recipe) with flower butter and herbal honey

~ A Few More Ideas ~

Build A Fairy House ~ Go to one of your favorite places in nature and build a house for the fairies out of the natural materials you find around you.  Be sure to check back on your house regularly to see how the fairies are enjoying it!  

Herb Fairies ~  Go on adventures and learn all about herbs with the Herb Fairies!  This yearly book club is full of information presented in a fun and engaging way.  Starts every year in April.  

Thanks for being part of Herb Camp!

Join us every week for a fun round up of projects and ideas to do with your kids during the summer.  Each week will have a theme with lots of projects to do using herbs, exploring science and natural, holistic living plus some great crafts for good ol’ fashion fun!  Many projects can be adapted for multiple age ranges depending on your child’s interests and developmental stage.

Please Share with other folks who would enjoy learning about herbs and leave your comments below!  

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