An Enchanted World, Snowglobes ~ Snow and Ice Part 3

Peering into another world all mystical with sparkly swirls, I was enchanted.  It was my very own snowglobe, precious to me, invoking imagination.  I would stare into that small contained world for what seemed like hours and dream of what it would be like to be inside, to be part of that world.  I don't even remember what was in my snowglobe but I do remember feelings of wonder, curiosity and joy.


I wanted to share my childhood delight with the kids at the preschool, so we made our very own snowglobes.  I had a supply of pretty rocks, dinosaurs, fairies and glitter for the kids to choose from.  We made a little scene by gluing the rocks down onto jar lids then we added either a fairy or a dinosaur.

Sparkly Creation

Next we put water and glitter our jars.  After the glue dried we put the lid on and there it was, a beautiful little world!

dino and fairy snowglobes

Sadly, the worlds we made came apart.  After researching online, I had decided to use hot glue to secure our little scenes but the figures and rocks did not stay glued down.   Oh, it was just so sad.  I told the kids that if their fairy or dinosaur came loose, well, it was just because they wanted to fly, to be free.  Gratefully the kids where totally fine with this and seemed to find it exciting.  In fact the kids and the parents all seemed to really like the snowglobes just the way they were.  Whew!  I did research other forms of glue at our local craft store but I wasn't able to find one that would work in water and that I felt comfortable using around preschoolers.  If anyone has a recommendation, I am all ears!