Flower Vanilla Butter


My daughter, Violet, and I love to make herbal treats together for our family.  Violet really enjoys the cooking in the kitchen, so it is a great way to enjoy the beauty of herbs together.  We have a lovely Rosa rugosa in our yard which blooms the sweetest of rose flowers.  They are deep pink and with a berry like fragrance.  

True to form, Violet got very enthusiastic when she saw the bush in bloom and we soon found ourselves in the kitchen whipping up tastiness for our family.  We decided to make an herbal butter with the roses yet Violet needed to add something more so she searched around the yard and finally settled on some precious mildly fragrant little pansies for an addition.  

After gathering our flowers we headed back inside to get to work.  While we waited for the butter to soften on the counter we started to make calendula blueberry muffins for our butter to top.  With the muffins in the oven we were ready to make our butter!  


~ Ingredients ~

  • Softened Butter, about a ⅓ cup.  We used tasty grass-fed butter.
  • Rose Petals & Pansies, about a ¼ cup
  • Vanilla Extract, 1 teaspoon
  • Honey, drizzle to taste

~ Instructions ~

  • Gather the flowers, rinse them clean and set them on a clean towel to dry.

  • Cube the butter into a bowl.  

  • Pull the petals off the pansy flowers and remove the white nib (which has a bitter taste) from the bottom of the rose petals, then add the petals to the bowl with the butter.


Bitter white nib.

Bitter white nib.

Just pull it off!

Just pull it off!

  • Add the vanilla and honey.  

  • Finally mash everything up together with a fork.


    Serve it up on a pretty dish

    for topping muffins, pancakes and biscuits!