Sunrise Lemon Bath

~ Welcoming the Sun ~


This morning found me up early welcoming that brilliant orange orb as it peaked, with all of it’s mightiness, over the horizon.  I love mornings.  The freshness of energy recharged gently spinning back into motion.  It’s another day of life to live and be grateful for.  

Today, being up with the sun, I had the chance to take a lovely sunrise lemon bath.  Smells great?  Yes!  Invigorating?  Yes, yes!  

Lemons at sunrise.

Lemons at sunrise.

~ The Perfect Way to Start the Day ~

To Make Your Own

Slice up one organic lemon and toss it in the bath along with a big handful of epsom salts, 4 to 6 drops of rosemary, and 1 to 2 drops each of lemon and blood orange essential oil.  Yum…  Make sure your bath water is tepid and not too hot.  Otherwise you might find yourself feeling tired and depleted instead of rejuvenated at the end of your bath.  Give those lemons a good squeeze and sniff while you are in the tub, wow the smell is simply beautiful!  You can also use the lemon slices to scrub your skin.  

~ Goodness in the Bath ~

Fresh Lemon* ~ Added to the bath, fresh lemon imparts a lovely scent while balancing skin ph as well as cleansing and tighting tissues.  

Rosemary Essential Oil ~ As you may know, rosemary is one of my favorite herbs and I love using the essential oil.  The scent is very herbaceous and refreshing, to me it feels good on my brain.  It is rejuvenating and relieves mental fatigue.  Perfect for a morning bath.

Lemon and Blood Orange Essential Oils* ~ Both are good for oily skin and their uplifting scents ease stress and nervous tension.  

“Add to rosemary, it (lemon) helps people who sleep too heavily to wake up.”

- Jeanne Rose, Jeanne Rose’s Herbal Body Book

* An Important Note ~ Lemons as well as lemon & blood orange essential oils contain compounds that can cause photosensitivity so stay out of the sun after taking this bath.  Also, the fruit and essential oil of lemons can be irritating for folks with sensitive skin therefore if you have sensitive skin you might want to use less lemon and neither of the citrus essential oils.