Rosebud Crowns And Hearts

Tiny enchanting little baby rosebuds laden with fragrance are perfect for adorning a sweet little ones head or a lovely lady.  This project is perfect for providing a beautiful gift for a little fairy, accessory for Halloween, a dress up party or a festival.

baby rose buds

To make your own you will need:

  • baby rosebuds
  • wire  with a heavy enough gauge to push through the rose buds
  • decorations like ribbons and garlands
  • scissors
  • a bit of patience

Instructions ~ Cut a piece of wire to the length you need to make a crown plus extra for securing the ends together.  Then simply poke the wire through the roses and string them up until you have the amount of roses you want.  Secure the ends of the wire together.  And ribbons and garland if you want.

Please Note ~ This project is  simple except that the actual poking of the wire through the roses can be difficult.  Therefore this project is best suited for older children who have the strength and patience needed.

Baby Rosebud Crown

You can also bend the wire into various shapes to make lovely rose hearts and other shapes to hang in window hangings, decorate walls or even for adorning a rear view car mirror.  Great for an easy pretty gift too!