Lessons In Herbalism For Kids

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I want to let you know about a wonderful learning tool that the lovely folks at The Herbal Academy Of New England and I have created. We have been busy putting together a series of posts for teaching kids about the basics of herbalism. The series is written for kids to read and designed to inspire children to exploration the world of herbalism. We have lessons on everything from botany to pharmacy to gardening. Activities with free printables, recipes and more are also included all to help inspire kiddos!

Here is a excerpt from the first lesson: 

"Hi Kids! I am so glad you are joining us! We are about to go on an adventure. An adventure into the green world of plants where we will find a magical world of healing and friendship. Here we will start with some basics. What is an herb? How can you use herbs? Then over the next seven weeks we will learn how to make simple but effective medicines with much loved children’s herbs. We will also talk about planting a beautiful, whimsical garden, meeting our local wild herbal friends, and creating delicious recipes in the kitchen."

Read more and follow along with our learning adventure at The Herbal Academy Of New England's Introduction To Herbs For Kids!

The Herbal Academy Of New England also offers wonderful learning resources for adults. You can study herbalism online with access to a rich supply of study materials, teachers, plant monographs and more! 

Introductory Herbal Course
Learn Herbs As Food And As Medicine in the Online Herbal Course
Features of The Herbarium

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