Adorable Herb Stuffed Sock Snowman

Have you seen the precious little sock snowman creeping up all over the internet? They couldn’t be easier or more fun to make especially when they are all stuffed with aromatic dried herbs! These squishy sock snowman will give off a wonderful fragrance when squeezed and loved.

Watch this video or visit here for a wonderful tutorial on making your own sock snowman including step by step instructions from the oh-so-crafty Handimania! This is where my daughters and I learned how to make sock snowman.

All Stuffed With Herbs

Adding herbs to your snowman’s stuffing imparts a bit of delightful wonder to these adorable creatures. You can add any herb or combination of herbs that call to you. Mix your chosen herbs into a base of uncooked rice or oatmeal before stuffing your snowman. 

Here are some suggestions for lovely fragrant herbs to use:

  • Lavender blossoms

  • Rose petals

  • Chamomile

  • Peppermint & Spearmint

  • Lemon Balm

  • Rosemary, cut and sifted leaf is best as whole leaves tend to poke through the fabric.

  • Lemon Verbena

  • Small amounts of cinnamon, cloves, anise seeds & dill seeds

  • Orris Root & Benzion can be added as fixatives to help retain the scent of the herbs for longer if you wish

Need supplies for creating your own herbal crafts? The Bulk Herb Store and Star West Botanicals* both sell wonderful, high quality herbs, containers, and plenty of other supplies to help you!

Little Sock Snowman Tips & Ideas

Each little snowman can be customized however you like. My kids really enjoyed thinking of each special person they were crafting for and adding a little something to make it meaningful for that person such as a buttons in a favorite color; a bow tie instead of a scarf for a teacher who loves ties; a dramatic purple cloak for an avid theater goer; and even a fancy headscarf for a eclectic dancer!  

We hot glued tiny puff balls in place of straight pins for the eyes and nose. This way the snowman are fully squeezable and safe without any fear of pins poking into hands.

Rubber bands may be used in place of the string for securing the sock. This might be easier for younger children to do because tying the string with a tight fit can be difficult.

Finally, because the herbs are colorful, they may show through the sock. If you want your sock snowman to be deeply white, consider doubling the socks to create a thick layer and prevent the herbs from showing through.


Happy Crafting!

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