12 Kid-Made Herbal Gift Ideas

Handcrafting gifts gives children a wonderful sense of heartfelt pride in the precious gifts they share. Enjoy special time with your kiddos while making herbal gifts to share with all the important people in your child’s life such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and teachers!

Crafting with herbs is educational too! These special activities give children the opportunity to work with and experience herbs in a relatable, visceral way helping them learn about the botanicals.

Many of these crafts can be made by older children without a lot of adult assistance while younger kids will need guidance and help. For even more kid made gift ideas such as Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments decorated with herbs and Candy Cane Bath Salts naturally colored with beet powder check out Herbal Gifts Kids Can Make!


Crafty Herbal Crafts

Make fanciful little terrariums right inside a christmas ball with these Living Thyme Christmas Baubles from Mama Rosemary.

Did you know that Ma Ingalls received a Clove Apple one Christmas? Learn how to make this wonderfully fragrant craft from Crafting A Green World.

These lovely smelling Herbal Beads can be handcrafted and then made into pretty jewelry for someone special! from The Herbal Academy

Cinnamon sticks are enchanting to children all coiled, smooth, and aromatic. If you child is old enough to use a hot glue gun they can make a pretty wreath with cinnamon sticks while children of all ages can make a much appreciated cinnamon stick wrapped candle. Find directions for both crafts here: Cinnamon Stick Candles & Wreaths from Mama Rosemary.


Handmade Body Care

Help your child craft up a batch of deliciously flavored Lip Balms! With all-natural flavors such as with flavors such as strawberries ‘n’ cream and mango pineapple there are plenty of choices to enjoy and share! from The Herbal Academy

Whip up a lovely Herbal Foot Bath for a relaxing treat to share! from Studio Botanica

Children will enjoy creating pretty patterns with herbs and oats all layered up in a jar with these Layered Oatmeal Baths from Mama Rosemary.

Have you ever thought of your bathtub as a big tea cup? Learn how to make a Bath Tub Tea and find herbal bath recipes for relaxation and energy from Studio Botanica.

Tasty Gifts From The Kitchen

Herbal Honeys are a favorite pleasure of many herbalists. The golden sweetness is something children can certainly relate too. These little jars of delight need to some watching over which can be the perfect “job” for an excited little child from Mama Rosemary.

What child doesn’t love to bake? All that measuring, stirring, and tasting is so much fun! Check out these perfect little Lavender Infused Cocoa Brownies for a yummy recipe to bake and gift! from Studio Botanica.

Have a fun tea tasting with your child and then help them Craft A Tasty Custom Tea to share from their favorite herbs from Mama Rosemary.

Don't want to make your own custom blend? Try out this delicious recipe for Spiced Tea instead from Naturally Simple.

Hot Cocoa flavored with your choice of herbs such as peppermint, rose petals, nutmeg or cinnamon would make a warming and delicious gift that any child would love to share! from Naturally Simple.

Happy Crafting & Holidays!

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