Baby Rosebud Barrettes


Once upon a time, I was gifted a pair of the most precious earrings.  Each earring had a strand of beads all shades of pink rose, shimmering white and light purple.  At the end of the strand of beads dangled a little baby rosebud.  They were the perfect earrings for an aspiring herbalist.  

Baby rosebuds have always been a favorite of mine and the kids I teach love them too.  When we use baby rosebuds for crafting and creating there are always plenty of “ooh's and ah’s” with lots of delighted little fingers exploring the roses.

These barrettes are a wonderful project for creating something beautiful to wear that reminds us of the beauty within.  It is also perfect for a little herbalist just learning to use a hot glue gun.  My daughter, Violet made a couple barrettes all by herself and felt a great sense of accomplishment!  Please supervise child very closely while they are learning to use a glue gun and please go over how to use the glue gun safely.  Be sure to use a low temperature glue gun which will minimize burning should they get a bit of hot glue on their fingers.  

~ Materials ~

  • baby rosebuds

  • barrettes, headbands and any other hair accessory you wish to decorate

  • ribbons & gems (optional)

  • low temperature hot glue gun

  • glue sticks

  • scissors

  • mod podge (optional)


~ Instructions ~

These really are pretty simple to make.  Basically you are going to hot glue rosebuds to the barrette you wish to decorate.  To get set up simply lay out your materials, warm up your glue gun and you are ready to go!  Let your imagination guide you!  


Here are a few tips for successful creation:

  • For each piece you are making, consider choosing rosebuds of a similar size to create a uniform look.  
  • Add ribbons before you start adding rosebuds.  


  • If your baby rosebuds have little stems attached to them, simply trim the stems off with a pair of scissors.  This will make it easier to attach the rosebuds.


  • When attaching the rose buds, start at one end of the barrette and move to the other side.  Don’t be afraid to densely pack the rose buds together for a full look.  


  • If you are creating with very young children, have them pick out all the flowers, ribbons and gems for their hair piece.   The let the child show you where to attach things so that you can safely glue the decorative elements in place.  In this way little ones can still enjoy this project.  

  • For older kids who can use a hot glue gun on their own, encourage them to be creative by laying out all the materials for them to use and letting them come up with their own designs.  Violet decided to add ribbons and a gem to her creation!


  • Lightly seal your rosebuds with a layer of mod podge if so desired.  This will give the rosebuds at bit of extra stability and help protect them from crumbling.  


Once you are done crafting you will have a beautiful accessory to enjoy or even give away as a gift!



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