Gifts For Kids That Love Herbs

If you have followed my blog for long, you know that I absolutely love sharing the magic of herbs with children.  I find that most kids truly enjoy learning about and working with herbs especially if the learning is fun!  


So if you know a child who loves herbs, or maybe you have a special little person in your life that you want to introduce to the magical world of herbs, then this is for you!   If you want to craft herbal gifts for kids, scroll down where I have great ideas waiting to be discovered.  

For Kids Of All Ages

A Kid’s Herb Book one of my favorite herb books for kids.  Written by herbalist and mother, Lesley Tierra, is is chock full of activities, recipes, songs and fun!  


Wildcraft is a board game that encourages all family members to work together.  Your goal is to harvest huckleberries for grandma before the sun goes down.  Along the way you and your friends encounter some problems which you remedy using herbs!  There is a great little story that you can download to enhance your play.  My youngest really loves this game.


Lavender Stuffed Animals soothe away worries and give a little extra cuddly love to the kids in your life with these sweet little stuffed animals.  Both my daughters have one of these and they love snuggling with them on cold nights and when they don’t feel well.  These are available from Sonoma Lavender as well as on Amazon.  


Aromatherapy Diffusers are a great way to add some loving scent to a child’s room!  Choose an electric one to keep things safe.  

For Older Kids

Making Herbal Dream Pillows will give guidance and inspiration in creating this fun craft!  


Start off your budding teenage herbalist with an Essential Oil Kit and Aromatherapy Book.  I would have loved this as a teenager as I was constantly on the prowl for knowledge and essential oils absolutely fascinated me.  

Please Note ~ most of these are links to my Mountain Rose Herbs affilitate account.  If you buy any of these products through my links, I get a small amount of money.  This does not effect your purchase price in any way.  It does give me the ability to support Mama Rosemary and keep bringing up lots of fun ideas!  Thanks for your support!



Would you rather make your own herbal gift?  These projects are easy to do and inexpensive.  Consider creating a MYO kit for any of these projects by putting all the materials and instructions in a bag or basket to gift. (All of these come with instructions for making with children.)  Or make the project yourself and watch the little one in your life enjoy their gifts!

  • Play Dough With Herbs & Essential Oils:  What little kid doesn’t love play dough?  Add a bit of essential oils and herbs to the play dough and you have the an aromatherapy treatment along with the fun of play dough.  Consider including a little play dough toy, cookie cutter, cinnamon sticks or star anise with this gift to enhance play!  

  • Bath Bombs:  My daughter loves to put a nice big bath bomb in the tub and watch it go crazy.  This is a fun gift for enhancing bathtime for any kid.

  • Rosebud Crowns & Baby Rosebud Barrettes:  Create a special hair piece for the little girl in your life.  These can be as whimsical as a crown or barrette with lots of adornments or simple yet lovely for an older child with tight little baby rosebuds decorating a barrette.  

  • Aromatherapy Spritzer:  In my experience kid’s love spritzers.  They love to spray them and smell them.  Choose essential oils that promote relaxation and make it a bedtime spray or use oils such as rosemary to create a study spray and support the young student in your life.

  • Sleepy Time Foot Balm: This is an easy one that helps send little ones off to dreamland with a little extra TLC.  

  • MYO Edible Fairy Garden Kit:  Perfect for the fairy lover in your life.  My daughter Violet made this awesome little kit for a fairy loving friend this past spring.  Her friend just absolutely loved this gift.  You may have to search a bit to find edible plants to include during the holidays.  A visit to your local nursery may turn up edible herbs to add like mint, lemon balm and thyme which will grow nicely inside given a sunny spot.  Or don’t worry about making it edible and just include little plants that you love.  

Happy Gifting!


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