Herbal Gifts Kids Can Make!

Children love to give presents!  Especially if it is something special that they made with their own two hands.  And what’s better than getting a homemade gift infused with love from a precious child?  Below find projects for crafting beautiful things for the home; for creating nourishing body care and even crafts for kids to make for kids!  


These projects are fun, easy and make for great quality time spent together.  Depending on the age of the child(ren) you are working with, they may need lots of help and supervision or just a little!  Some of these crafts have helpful full instructions for making with children, including large groups of little ones.

Simply click on the pictures to find full instructions.  

Herbal Crafts For Gifting

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

These wonderfully fragrant ornaments are simply made from cinnamon and applesauce.  Be sure to encourage your child to personalize the ornaments by providing an array of cookie cutters for them to choose from for cutting shapes as well as decorations!  We made two batches.  One decorated with botanicals like star anise and baby rose buds, the other batch we decorated with crafty supplies such as glitter and beads.  Either way these are wonderful little gifts!  

Decorated With Botanicals                         Decorated With Craft Supplies


Festive Grapevine Wreaths

Make sweet little wreaths for hanging on the wall.  This is a very nice little art project using plenty of glitter and herbs.  Does it get any better?


Rose ‘n’ Salt Dough Fingerprints  

Originally made as a Mother’s Day gift, these sweet little keepsakes will touch anyone’s heart.  Substitute any botanical you like, perhaps cinnamon for the holidays or lavender for a relaxing scent.  


Foot Soaks & Butterflies  

This was also originally a Mother’s Day gift and it was a darn cute one!  Make little foot print butterflies with your kiddos feet and package it all up with a custom made foot soak.  Especially perfect for grandma!  


Need supplies for creating your own herbal crafts? The Bulk Herb Store and Star West Botanicals* both sell wonderful, high quality herbs, containers, and plenty of other supplies to help you!


Recipes For Body Care

Candy Cane Bath Salts

This beautiful bath salt has a red layer colored with roses, beet powder and pink Himalayan salt.  No nasty coloring here, so you know you are giving a gift of health.  It is wonderfully fragrant and fun to put together.  Kids love watching the layers form.  


Gingerbread Cookie Lip Polish from Natural Living Mama

This stuff is good enough to eat and so simple to make.  Even better?  You probably have the ingredients to make this luscious lip polish in your kitchen right now.  


Coco-Mint Lip Balm from Real Food Outlaws

Making lip balm is kinda like a magic trick that enchants kids as the lip balm sets up in tubes.  This would be wonderful to gift along with the Gingerbread Cookie Lip Polish for a complete little gift.  Coco-Mint Lip Balm is full of nourishing goodness along with wonderful minty chocolate smell!


Lovely Teacher Gifts

This is a collection of wonderful gifts my girls and I made one year for all of their wonderful teachers.  Don’t forget these amazing folks, they work so hard and give so much love to kids each and everyday.  


Lavender Rose Body Polish from Natural Living Mama

Lavender and rose smell so good together!  This is sure to be a beautiful gift for nourishing glowing skin!


Coffee Sugar Scrubs from Natural Living Mama & Real Food Outlaws

Who doesn’t like coffee in the morning?  These scrubs are invigorating and exfoliating.  The perfect way to wake up in the morning.

Do you take your coffee with...


Or Mint?  


Whipped Coconut Oil from Natural Living Mama

Make a moisturizer that is full of simple ingredients your skin will love!  Plus you get to use a mixer.  I don’t know about you, but my kids always love whipping stuff up with the mixer!  


Need supplies for your herbcrafting?  I like to get my supplies at Mountain Rose Herbs.**

From Kids For Kids

Gifts For Friends, Cousins & Siblings

MYO Edible Flower Fairy Garden Kit

My daughter Violet made this awesome little kit for a fairy loving friend this past spring.  Her friend just absolutely loved this gift.  You may have to search a bit to find plants to include at this time of year.  A visit to your local nursery may turn up edible herbs to add like mint, lemon balm and thyme which will grow nicely inside given a sunny spot.  


Herbal Play Dough

What little kid doesn’t like play dough?  From my experience it is a universally loved toy.  Mama Rosemary is full of play dough recipes and ideas.  I love making play dough with kids.  And putting aromatic herbs and essential oils in the play dough makes it a delightful almost therapeutic experience for kiddos.  Find links to all of the play dough recipes at the bottom of this post and pick your favorite!  


Bath Bombs

After a fun day spent experimenting with acids and bases, we made these simple and fun little bath bombs.  The kids loved them!  They loved making them and using them in the tub.  A great gift for any kid or adult!


Baby Rosebud Barrettes

These little barrettes are so sweet and fun to make.  They looking simply lovely on too!

Baby Rosebud Hearts & Crowns

Create little hearts and crowns from the sweetest baby rosebuds.  The hearts make great gifts for grandparents and other adults while the crown would be perfect for a little sister or cousin!  This craft is best for older children who have the strengthen in their fingers to push wire through roses.  

Happy Crafting & Gifting!

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