Aromatic Lovin' For Mama To Be

Aromatic Lovin' For Mama To Be

A dear friend who is expecting her first baby recently celebrated a birthday.  She loves herbs and essential oils, and it is always fun to make something special for her.   So of course I had to give her a little herbal love for her birthday. 

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Apple Blossoms

apple blossoms

     Tight little pink buds open daily into the sweetest white blossoms on our two apple trees.  These trees are very, very special trees.  We planted them 5 years ago on Mother's Day as a family.  One tree for each of my children, underneath which we buried the placentas from their births.  Giving the trees ultimate nourishment and offering an act of honor to the lives my husband and I brought into this world, a celebration of birth and family.

After we finally set down roots in our home, we broke ground for these two trees.  You see, after the birth of my first daughter we moved a total of four times in two years.  With each move we made, I toted the placenta from her birth from home to home.  Keeping it frozen in a container, I transferred it from freezer to freezer as one of my most valued possessions.  So after we had been in our current house for a couple of years, greeting a new baby during that time, I felt it was time to plant these trees.

And as my daughters grow, their trees grow, marking this passage of time and showing so beautifully how life becomes enriched and deepened with each passing moment.  This year the trees are beginning to mature, becoming big, all covered in beautiful blossoms with the promise of delicious fruit soon to come.

apple blossoms

What, if anything, did you do with your child's placenta?

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The Power Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Late one cold December I gave birth to my second daughter.  Blessed to be at home with my loving husband and three amazing midwives attending my labor and delivery, the whole experience was incredibly empowering and uplifting. Towards the end of my labor I climbed into a warm bath fragrant with Clary Sage essential oil wisely placed in the bath by one of my sweet midwives.  Normally the smell of Clary Sage (latin name Salvia sclarea) is a bit much for me but at this time it smelled divine.  It came right into my birth space with ease and with in a few minutes I was climbing back out of the tub to birth my daughter.  I felt as though the Clary Sage opened a doorway.  As though it helped me come closer to my authentic self and the Spirit which was bringing this baby into the world through my body.

In the past I've used a simple inhalation of Clary Sage essential oil for effectively easing menstrual cramps.  And it always took me to a higher place during my moon.  A place where I could flow through the cramping and the door that opens during menstruation.  As women it is our gift to be able to access this place and bring back feminine knowledge.  I had forgotten about using Clary Sage in this way, I was happy for the reminder.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

  • Supports inner vision
  • Eases PMS associated with depression and emotional turmoil
  • Relieves muscular spasm associated with menstrual cramping and digestive upset.
  • Brings on menstrual flow

The name Clary is derived from the Latin word sclarea coming from the root word clarus, meaning clear.   Clarity refers to its traditional use on a physical level as a soothing eyewash.  While on an internal level it augments perception of oneself and clarity of thought, hence serving useful in meditation and for enhancing True sight.  Beneficial to the nerves, Clary Sage sedates while soothing away anxieties, depression, stress, and insomnia making it very helpful for those experiencing PMS, specifically when associated with depression.  Its action and smell can be intoxicating, bringing on states of euphoria and acting as an aphrodisiac.  Clary Sage eases pain from muscular spasms such as menstrual cramping, headaches, and stomach pains.  It also aids in relieving indigestion.  And Clary Sage stimulates the uterus, bringing on menstruation.  It helps to balance emotions while alleviating physical and mental exhaustion.

For information on lots of ways to use essential oils safely please visit my Essential Oil page in the Materia Medica.

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.Other essential oils that combine well with Clary Sage include: Lavender, Sandalwood   Cardamom, Rose Geranium, Cedarwood, Pine, Jasmine, Frankincense, Bergamot, as well as other citrus oils.  All of these have their own personalities, properties and use guidelines.

Important…  Essential oils are very strong and concentrated.  Some are stronger than others.  They must be used wisely. (See: Essential Oils)  It is important to dilute essential oils in either water or a carrier oil (vegetable oil such as almond or olive) before applying to the skin.  Clary Sage essential oil should not be used when one has been drinking or during pregnancy because it stimulates the uterus.

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Image Credit: The beautiful picture of clary sage is by lovely herbalist Lauren Stauber. 

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