Calming Aromatic Snow Day Projects

Snow days are so much fun!  What could be better than staying home from school and playing in the snow?  Sometimes though, kids (and their parents) get stir crazy and need another outlet for all that great kid energy.  

The projects below are kid tested for plenty of indoor fun!  The addition of fragrant botanicals and essential oils helps to relax everyone while cleansing and freshening the air. 

Make Some Aromatic Herbal Play Dough ~

If your kids like to play with playdoh then making up a batch of homemade dough, all warm and squishy, can be an absolute savior for everyone when you are stuck inside.  Add a bit of essential oil or spice and you have a full sensory experience for your kids.  

Here are some of my favorite recipes.  Chances are you probably have most of these ingredients right in your kitchen.

Pounding & Sprinkle ~

Take some salt and herbs put them together and you can make up some beautiful aromatic salt for crafting.  The projects below use lavender and rose petals but even fragrant culinary spices like cinnamon, cloves, sage and thyme would be perfect!  

Create Art With Essential Oils ~

Have some kids friendly essentials oils handy?  Create some beautiful art work while exploring feelings and scent.  

Tea & Bathe ~

Kids love playing with herbs!  If you have herbs, teas and rolled oats handy these two projects are a great way to while away an afternoon.  You can host a little tea tasting party for your kids and their teddies.  Or make a wonderful sock bath which starts off as a cuddly bundle and becomes a gooey fragrant friend in the tub.    

Wishing you happy snow days!


For plenty of other ideas please visit my Herbs For Kids page.