Rose Tea Tasting & Rose Bud Salt Art


Last week we created Lavender Blossom Salt  and used it to make fragrantly sparkly artwork.  The kids loved this project so much that I told them I would bring it back.  This week found us school bound again with temperatures below zero, so it was the perfect opportunity for more smashing with the mortar & pestle and fun of squirting glue on paper.  

We are playing with roses during February so we decided to make rose bud salt this time.  We also added sparkly red glitter and glued whole baby rose buds to finish off our art work.  I just love baby rose buds, don’t you? 

But First A Cup Of Tea...

Becauses Roses Are Good For You!

Before we sat down to work on our art project we tried  two different kinds of rose tea, one from rose buds and petals and the other from rose hips.  

~ To Make Rose Bud Tea ~ 

Steep approximately 1 cup of baby rose buds (please be sure to buy your roses from a reputable seller to insure they are organic as roses are often heavily sprayed) in 1/2 gallon of just boiled water for 10 to 30 minutes.  Strain and add a bit of honey if you wish.  

~ To Make Rose Hip Tea ~ 

Steep approximately 1/2 cup of rose hips in 1/2 gallon of just boiled water for at least 30 minutes, add honey to taste if you wish.  I didn't even strain this tea because this hips stayed at the bottom of the jar.  It was great for the kids to see what the hips looked like floating around in the jar as I served the tea.  And hey, occassionally a hip found it's way into a cup making a nice munchy little snack!

What did the kids think?

They simply loved both teas!  Tasty, warming goodness for a cold winter's day.  

Use this lovely rosy salt to create unique Valentine’s for friends and family!

~ Supplies ~

Need roses and rose geranium essential oil?  

Mountain Rose Herbs has some of the best herbs around!  (Afflilate Link)


~ Method ~

Couldn’t be simpler!

Grind & Pound...

Just grind and pound some rose petals or rose buds with the mortar and pestle.  The kids love this part!  The cool stone of the pestle combined with the action of grinding and the smell of the roses is a real sensory experience.  


Mix It Up…

Dump the ground flowers into a bowl along with some salt, glitter and a few drops of rose geranium essential oil if you wish.  Pass the bowl around, giving everyone a chance to stir.  Be sure to break up any salty clumps from the rose geranium essential oil.


Artistic Creation…

Provided bottles of glue for the kids to squirt on the cardstock to create a picture.  Depending on the age of the child(re) you are working with you might want to show them how they can “draw” a heart or star (or whatever inspires you) with the glue to give them the idea.  

Then sprinkle the beautiful smelling sparkly rose salt over the glue.  Make sure to cover all of the glue with the salt and flowers.  Help the child pour off the salt (we poured ours back into the bowl).

Finally provide some sweet little baby rose buds for the kids to add to their art and enjoy the lovely creation!



The children loved this craft.  When it dries it looks like sparkly snow and smells wonderful.  I was really surprised by how much they enjoyed it.  Many of the kids made 2 to 4 pieces of art work!

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