Learn About Herbalism With Natural Herbal Living Magazine {Giveaway}

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I want to tell you all about a wonderful new magazine that is all about one of my favorite subjects, herbs!  Published monthly, each issue of Natural Herbal Living Magazine gives its readers a focused study of a single herb for the month through the hearts and minds of a diverse group of herbalists.


Why One Herb at a Time?

Because ginger helps more than digestion,

Learning about one herb at a time gives readers a chance to really delve into that herb and understand it from many different creative perspectives.  This is a focused study, enabling readers to learn, for instance, that ginger is good for digestion as well as colds & flus and it eases headache pain.  Or that rose helps symptoms of PMS and fights infection as well as soothes the nervous system.  Plus readers get helpful and often delicious recipes shared right from herbalist’s hearth and homes.


Who Writes This Magazine?

The heart of the herbalist

Herbalism is truly an art with each herbalist bringing their own unique touch to the herbs with which they work.  Some herbalists like things to be just so and follow guidelines to perfection.  While others prefer to allow their intuition to lead them.  The beauty is that no way is right or wrong.  And readers of Natural Herbal Living Magazine benefit from the expertise that only a group of individual herbalists can impart.  Herbalism is also a vast subject and while one herbalist may know one way to use an herb another herbalist may use that herb in a completely different way.  This magazine is like having 15 different teachers all rolled up into one.  


What Is In The Magazine?

It is different each month!

Every issue of Natural Herbal Living Magazine is special and as unique as the herb of the month.  

Generally each issue will have:

  • A monograph for the herb of the month.  This is run down of what the herb is used for and how it is generally used as well as information on using the herb safely.

  • Information about the herb’s essential oil and flower essence.

  • Unique recipes & more from the authors

  • Folk/historical, ethnic and ecological information about the herb of the month.  

  • Articles that address basics in herbalism

  • Plus seasonal articles!


The Accompanying Herb Box

Everything you need to experience the herb of the month.


  Ginger Herb Box From October

 Ginger Herb Box From October

The herb box is what makes this special magazine even more amazing.  In addition to the magazine you can sign up to receive an herb box delivered monthly right to your door.  The box is meant to support readers in their herbal journey by providing a hands-on experience with the herb of the month.  Each box is loaded up with herbal ingredients and goodies for playing with as well as for creating many of the recipes from the magazine.  Plus the contents are ethically sourced and do not contain common allergens.  Pretty cool, uh?

Visit Natural Herbal Living's Website to find out more about the magazine & herb box. 


Interested In This Great Magazine?  

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You can get the first three issues of this great magazine for free by entering!  The first three issues are: Rosemary ~ September, Ginger ~ October and Rose ~ November.  


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Disclaimer ~ I did not receive any money to write this post.  All opinions here are my own.  I am an author for NHLM as well as part of the affiliate program for NHLM and when you purchase the magazine through my website I earn a small commission which allows me to keep Mama Rosemary up and running full of free content!  This has no effect whatsoever on the sale price of the magazine.