Too Much Candy?

Happy Halloween!  The big day is here and if your children are like mine, you will probably find yourself out and about trick-or-treating tonight.  Sometimes things can get out of hand after the fun of trick-or-treating and you may find yourself with a little one whose body is putting up a fuss from eating too much sugar and chemical filled candy.  



Years ago my three year old got into a bag of jelly beans at a family function while playing with her older cousins.  She came home complaining that her “head-forward” hurt.  So, at her request, I put a bandaid on her forehead and gave her a nice soothing cup of chamomile tea.  I was also sure to provided her with lots of good food and healthy exercise over the next day.  She was soon her happy, bouncy self again.  

 If you decide to indulge in the sweet stuff this holiday these idesa will hopefully help easing symptoms of over-indulgence while boosting immunity because sugar directly diminishes the immune system’s ability to fight infection.  

~ Remedies ~

Chamomile Tea is a wonderful herb for children.  It soothes digestive upset and eases emotional restlessness.  In her wonderful book, A Kid’s Herb Book, Lesley Tierra explains that chamomile tea is the perfect herbal ally if you have had too much sugar.  “It will ease your discomfort and help rebalance your body after having too many sweets.”  Plus chamomile tea is tasty!  To make, simply brew 1 teaspoon of flowers for 3 to 5 minutes in a cup of hot water.  Cover your tea while it steeps to retain volatile oils.  Strain right away as chamomile becomes bitter the longer it is steeped.  

Other Herb Teas that you may have in your cupboard include peppermint, ginger and cinnamon.  All of these are wonderful antispasmodics for the digestive tract so will ease cramping.  They are also antimicrobial assisting the body in fighting infection.  Ginger and cinnamon are warming and invigorating as well!  To make your own peppermint tea steep 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water for 8 minutes or more, strain and sip.  For ginger and cinnamon make the tea as above for peppermint using fresh ginger root or cinnamon chips.  If you only have ground versions of these two herbs, simply place a couple pinches of the ground herb in a cup of hot water, stir and enjoy.   Add more herb for a stronger tea.

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy specifically used for digestive upset following overindulgence.  Follow package directions for relief.

Sip Miso Soup to rebalance the body and provide digestive relief.  

Supplement With Probiotics for good digestive health.  Good health starts in the gut.  This is where we get our nutrients without good digestion our bodies can’t get what they need to stay healthy.  

~ Diet & Lifestyle ~

Drink Water!  Be sure to hydrate and give your little one’s body water to help clear out the sugar.  

Provide protein with each meal to help stabilize blood sugar and don’t forget those veggies!

Remember the power of getting a good night sleep and try to get a few extra zzz’s in over the next few nights.  

Take time to exercise and get fresh air.  


Trick-Or-Treating was fun, but now what to do with the leftover candy?  

Find a local Candy Buy Back.  A local dentist in our neighborhood buys candy from kids after Halloween.  I believe the office pays $1 per pound.  

The Candy Fairy or The Switch Witch.  One of my friends with a young child does a little thing called the Candy Fairy.  She has her child leave the Halloween booty in a special spot overnight and then in the morning, the candy is gone and a nice little present is left in it’s place brought specially by the Candy Fairy.  

Eat It Consciously.  This is what we usually do.  Our kids get to have a couple of pieces of candy on Halloween.  Then they pick their favorite seven pieces and have one piece each day for the next week.  And the rest?  Well it kind of gets lost in our pantry or in other words, the kids forget about it and then we toss it.  

Check out Dina Rose's post  Healthy Halloween Habits Start Today for some helpful tips!

How about you?  Do you have any special ways that you handle Halloween candy?