Empower Your Kids With Herbal Knowledge

Share your love of herbs with the kids in your life!

Imagine if your child’s favorite new book series also taught them how to use herbs. Herb Fairies does just that, empowering kids to use herbs to stay healthy. Each spring with the flush of new green plant life springing forth, my friends at LearningHerbs open the Herb Fairies Book Club for kids to come and learn during the coming year! Visit LearningHerbs and join in the fun!

With Herb Fairies, not only are your kids entertained with an epic adventure, they are learning valuable life skills at the same time. Life skills that will lead to healthier lives, connected to nature.

My daughter Violet discovered Herb Fairies a few years back and she spent many happy hours delving into the magical world held within the pages of this wonderful series. Now as an older child, she still enjoys the stories, and has a happy grasp on the herbs she learned about. We often find her encouraging folks to drink lemon balm tea when they are sad or to make a plantain poultice to help soothe skin irritations!  

Herb Fairies also offers an opportunity to form an incredible bond with your kids around the healing plants that you will share for the rest of your lives! It is really quite an adventure to embark on - perfect for enriching times together throughout the seasons! 

Herb Fairies are only available until May 18th! CLICK HERE to get Herb Fairies now!

Be sure to come play with us over at our Herbs for Kids page here on Mama Rosemary too! 

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