Herbal Support for Students & Families During Back to School Season

It's back to school time! If you are looking for some ways to boost your family's health and perhaps give some support for reluctant or stressed out students, I've got you covered!

Of course good old fashion healthy diet, fresh air, exercise, and plenty of sleep go a long way towards helping kids and their parents get the most of their days. Herbs can be used to help create that firm foundation and also offer a helping hand when a little extra support is in order.

Specific Herbal Support for the Back to School Season

Get Ready To Go Back To School With Rosemary

One of my favorite herbs for supporting students is the lovely and fragrant rosemary. In the language of flowers rosemary is for remembrance and indeed rosemary is used by herbalists to refresh a tired mind and help with memory

After School Teas

Enjoy 3 tea blends which offer the perfect way to welcome kiddos home after a long day of school at the beginning of the school year or any day! Brew up a pot tea and enjoy some special time together.

Herbal Support for Back to School

Learn about using chamomile, lemon balm, and rosemary (yes, again!) for back to school support over at the Herbal Academy! Simple to use and tasty these 3 herbs support the nervous system and digestion as well as help to fight off sniffles

Nightmares and Night Terrors

For kiddos (and their parents) having a hard time getting the sleep they need this post is full of simple activities and ideas for providing herbal support to help everyone enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Nourishing Your Family’s Health With Herbs

Herbs and all the benefits they offer can be easily enjoyed by added them to your family’s day to day life. Teas, baths, first aid, and even food are great ways to incorporate herbs into the careful attention given to those we love.

Enjoy the Family Herb Series

As the Family Educational Director at the Herbal Academy, I have the lucky task of sharing the usefulness of herbs for families with the Academy’s many readers. The family herb series of posts is chock full of plenty of information, recipes, useful tips, and children’s activities for enjoying some of the most popular and family friendly herbs around. Check them out below!

The Benefits of Lemon Balm

Delicious and fragrant lemon balm is great for the whole family helping to ease viral illness, stomach upset, and restless fractious nerves that we all suffer from sometimes. 
Recipe included: Fruit & Honey Lemon Balm Sorbet

Chamomile Flower

Like our friend lemon balm, chamomile helps to ease stress and tension, stomach issues, and cold and flu discomfort
Recipes included: Milky Chamomile Oatmeal Bath & Chamomile Play Dough

Helpful Calendula Blossoms

These happy yellow-orange flowers offer surprising benefits tucked within their lovely petals making it helpful for everyone in the family!

Amazing Mint

More than just a tasty candy or toothpaste flavor, mint helps to soothe an upset tummy, supports the body in fighting infections, and even helps to calm and refresh the nervous system.
Recipe included: Fresh Mint Cookies With Dark Chocolate Chips

Heart Comforting Rose

Did you know that rose is used by herbalists as a wonderful herbal remedy? Learn how rose can help your family too! 
Recipes included: Double Rose Syrup & Cooling Rosy Balm Tea

Linden Flower

Wonderfully calming and delightfully tasty, linden is a great friend for everyone in the family! 
Recipes included: Linden Flower Honey, & Refreshing Linden Summertime Iced Tea

Violet Plant

Gentle and beautiful, violets offer nourish food while also helping to ease coughs, digestive issues, and fevers with it’s cooling demulcent properties. 
Recipes included: Violet Leaf Soup & Violet Grief and Head Ease

Nettle Leaf

Beloved by herbalists, nettle is perhaps one of the most treasured herbs. As the saying goes “when in doubt, use nettles”! 

Dandy Dandelion

This common weed is actually a very useful plant. Learn about the amazing uses of this lovely little plant. 
Recipe included: Dandelion Flower Fritters

More Immune Support

Perhaps one of the most popular applications of herbs is for helping to support the health of the immune system. And what parent or teacher hasn't wished for a little extra help in this regard during the school year? Visit the posts shared below for some simple tips and recipes to use with your family!

Spiced Berry Immunity Syrup

Elderberry syrup is well-known nowadays among many of us. This recipe is exceedingly delicious and full of not only elderberries but also rose hips, hawthorn berries, ginger, cinnamon, and more. Whip up a batch to have on hand!

Grape Harvest Syrup

If you are looking for other syrup options, this grape syrup is filled with the antioxidant goodness of grapes and enriched with herbs of your choice, this syrup recipe offer the perfect alternative to elderberry syrup. 

Simplest Air Cleansing Humidifier

If you have a stove, a big pot, and some  herbs on hand then you can make this super easy humidifier! Use this method to add a bit of aromatic moisture to your home during the dry winter months and also to help clean the air during illness. 

I hope you have found lots of resources to support your family during this exciting time of year. Best wishes for a beautiful year of learning and fun!

Do you have any tips and tricks for supporting your family's health at the beginning of the school year? Share with us below in the comment section!

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