Wintry Science Experiments & Crafts For Kids

Spring is just around the corner yet here in Colorado, March is typically our snowiest month.  We haven't had a whole lot of the white stuff so far this year and yesterday's storm has me excited for more before the first flowers start poking their heads up through the soil and the earliest green buds make an appearance on tree branches. In honor of winter fun I would like to share some of the great snow and ice projects the kids and I have done.  These projects are perfect to do with young children and even have complete lesson plans for those of you working with a group of kids.  Most of the projects have a bit of science thrown in while all of them offer kid-approved fun and creativity!

Crystal Snow Flakes 

Talk about and play with states of matter while conducting a dissolving experiment with kids.  Use all this new-found learning to grow crystals on snow flakes!

Colorful Snowflake!

Experiments With Ice

Have a race to see how fast ice will melt when exposed to different temperatures and substances.  Create a big block of rainbow ice by using salt and food coloring together to track how fast salt will dissolve ice.  Then paint with ice cubes!

Rainbow Block Of Ice

Snow Globes

Create an enchanted world using fairies, dinosaurs, glitter and pretty stones.  The kids really loved this and want to do it again!

dino and fairy snowglobes

Snow Paint

Super simple to make and a great way to get outside a play!!


Do you have any favorite snow or ice projects?  I would love to hear about them and give them a try!

Wishing you lots of wintry fun!

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Snow Paint ~ Snow and Ice Part 4


This activity is not herbal or even scientific, what it is, is just plain fun!  Plus it is a great way to get the kids outside on a snowy, cold day while bringing out the little Picasso inside.

Materials ~ 

  • plastic spray bottles
  • food coloring
  • cold water

How To ~

The set up couldn't be easier.  Simply fill a few spray bottes with cold water and then add food coloring.  Let the kids watch.  The drops of food coloring swirling into the water always insights happy "ooh's and ahh's."

snow paint
snow paint

Then take the kids outside and let them get creative.  You might want to instruct the kids only to spray the snow especially if you are working with a group of children otherwise you might have art in unwanted places.

We did this activity a few weeks ago at the preschool and started out our day with an Ice Cube Experiment and setting up the Big Block Of Ice Experiment and as usual it was great fun being scientists for the day and watching to see if our predictions came true.

ice experiments
ice experiments

We also read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

which inspired the kids to get outside and explore the snowy landscape.

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