Flower Power by Anne McIntyre ~ A Book Review

Flower Power is one of those wonderful herbals that you just fall in love with and indeed it is one of my very favorite books.  

Flowers are healing.  Their beauty alone feeds the senses offering comfort and inspiration to the spirit.  Delve beyond the beauty of many blossoms and you often find even deeper healing.  Flower Power explores this, bringing forth the medicine and magic in medicinal flowering plants.  

Incredibly beautiful photographs capture blossoms up-close all lively, bright and resplendent in their unique beauty.  Almost every herb discussed has a full page photograph or botanical illustration to help with identification and inspiration.  After all it is nice to meet herbs face to face before using them and a picture certainly helps with that!  

The monograph for each herb is written with a lovely voice starting with great little tidbits about the history and folklore of the plant.  Next comes details about the herbal remedy, homeopathic remedy and flower essence.  When appropriate, there is also a little section about the aromatherapy oil included.  All of this is clearly laid out and easy to understand.  

Chapter 3, entitled Flower Essences and Essential Oils, offers an extensive guide to flower essences including Bach, F.E.S. and Australian Bush essences.  The descriptions are concise, thorough and very helpful when exploring this vastly interesting part of herbal medicine.  

The essential oil section is straightforward simply offering information on what ailments the oils treat along with helpful cautions and notes.  

Beyond the wonderful monographs, what I really love about this book is the appendix and index.  In the appendix you will find a great section on Flowers For Common Ailments that includes well laid-out charts on flower for both emotional and physical problems.  There are also basic instructions on how to use herbs as well as a great little section on choosing the right flower essence.  

Finally is the index.  I treasure a good index which can make all the difference when looking for information.  The index is broken into sections such as plant properties & treatments, plants by name and ailments & conditions.  If it is in this book, you will find it in the index!

Truly this helpful book is a joy to read, a great tool on any herbalists book shelf and full of Flower Power!

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