4 Ways To Share Herbalism With Kids

This week I have a this fun little guesidskt post over at Red and Honey that is all about one of my favorite things, sharing herbs with kids!  


Children and herbs go together like two peas in a pod.  For almost a decade I have had the pleasure of working with children and herbs at a little home-based preschool and I have yet to meet a kiddo who isn’t fascinated by herbs.

The smells, colors and tastes of herbs are enchanting, and children tend to gravitate toward these wonderful botanicals naturally.

Engaging all five senses helps children to really embrace and learn about herbs at a deep level. We taste and touch, we smell and talk about the herbs, and we let our eyes be filled with their simple beauty. While exploring herbs endeavor to engage and fill up the five senses with your child.

Here are four simple ways to introduce your child to the wonderful world of herbs!

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