Beautiful Girl by Christiane Northrup, M.D. ~ Book Review

Beautiful Girl

Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body 

by Christian Northrup, M.D., with Kristina Tracy & illustrated by Aurelie Blanz

Beautiful Girl is full of positive messages for the littlest of girls presented in a loving, nurturing voice.  It covers everything from how lucky a little girl is to be a little girl to treasuring her body.  And on, to the magic her body holds to create new life and the special strength of women.

Each page is ripe with gentle strength and guidance.  The pictures are very beautiful with rich colors and whimsical illustrations, it is a feast for the eyes and soul.  My daughter received this lovely book last year and it has been a treasure in our home ever since!  

“As a girl, you have been given special gifts that will bloom as you do.”

I love Christiane Northrup.  She is an amazing beacon of light and knowledge for woman.  As an ob-gyn physician she has extensive knowledge in the field of women’s health which she combines with empowerment and intuition to create a beautiful synergy of health.  I have read many of her books and found them immensely helpful, comforting and inspiring.  So when I heard that she had written a picture book for little girls, I was very excited!

“You have a special strength inside of you.  

Know that you are like a magnificent tree- your roots hold strong in any weather, and your branches and leaves are a shelter for those you love.”

For more information, click the picture above to find an video by Dr. Northrup talking about this wonderful book and her intention behind it.

Happy Reading! 

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