Pondering Meditation

Perceptive Pint Size Ponderings For Your Monday Amusement

One of my favorite things about being with children is the insightful, funny and innocent things they say.  We have all heard them and hopefully had a heart warming, funny or ah-ha moment inspired by the sweetness of a child

Here is something particularly perceptive, amusing or wonderful that I had the honor of being part of…

One of my kids took her first steps on my yoga mat.  Little feet pressing steadily into the ground while she carefully raised her delightful body towards the sky.  Then she took a step and another and another.  This same little child now meditates when she is mad, which seems to happen most often in light of the morning at the bus stop.  (Well, let's face it, getting ready to go in the morning can be a trial even on the best of days.)

So, it wasn't really a surprise when recently during a particular anxious mommy moment she gazed at me with big wise brown eyes and said, "Momma, you really need to meditate."