Pondering Dirt Clods

Perceptive Pint Size Ponderings For Your Monday Amusement

One of my favorite things about being with children is the insightful, funny and innocent things they say.  We have all heard them and hopefully had a heart warming, funny or ah-ha moment inspired by the sweetness of a child

Here is something particularly perceptive, amusing or wonderful that I had the honor of being part of…

About two years ago when my youngest child was 4 years old I had the lawn aerated.  She peered eagerly through gauzy white curtains watching as a man pushed his machine all over our back yard.  Standing on tip toes in complete and unusual silence, she was completely engaged in this novel activity happening right outside.

 After a few minutes she looked at me with panicked eyes and exclaimed, "Oh no mommy!  Cinnamon (our dog) pooped all over the back yard!"

I too remember the shock of seeing hundreds of dirt plugs all over our lawn when I was a small child.  I was sure, beyond a doubt that each little clod of dirt was a dog poop!