Pondering Early Morning Wake Up Calls

Perceptive Pint Size Ponderings For Your Monday Amusement

One of my favorite things about being with children is the insightful, funny and innocent things they say.  We have all heard them and hopefully had a heart warming, funny or ah-ha moment inspired by the sweetness of a child

Here is something particularly perceptive, amusing or wonderful that I had the honor of being part of...

This morning brought us the challenge of daylight savings time.  6:30 and still snuggled in bed (at what used to be 5:30 just two short days before), I was greeted by the patter of my 6 year olds' feet running into the room.  She stood by my bed in the dark and waited a second or two before talking to me.


"Momma I am just so happy to hear the birds singing outside my window."

     Wow, I thought what a wonderful greeting for a Monday morning.

     Then, after a second or two...

"That means we can grow food soon, to eat!"