Is your child afraid of monsters at bedtime?  

Or do they just need a little something extra to ease them off to sleep?


Then make a Monster Spray or Sweet Dreams Spray with your child to keep by their bedside for easing fears and promoting a restful sleep!  Encourage them use the spray when they are scared or having a hard time falling asleep.  You can also spray it around their room before you leave for night either to scare away the monsters and make a safe, happy place for sleeping full of light and love (saying this out loud while you are spraying the spray helps engage the child and comfort them).   If you think your child will be scared by the idea of a monster spray because it might confirm to them that monsters are in fact real, you can call it something else like sweet dreams spray or sleepy time spritzer.  My youngest was sure that monsters were real so the "monster spray" worked really well for her.  We made it with essential oils she picked out that she found comforting and she knew scared away monsters.  More than once I found her asleep in her bed with the spray bottle clutched in her tiny little hand.

For complete instructions on making your own monster spray visit Aromatherapy Spritzers under How To Use Herbs.  Let your child make their new spray extra powerful by having them decorating a label for the bottle.

Be sure to choose mild essential oils that promote sleep, ease stress/anxiety and appeal to your child.

Some Suggested Sleepytime Oils ~

  • lavender
  • cedarwood
  • sweet orange
  • ylang ylang
  • vetivert
  • sandalwood
  • cardamom
  • frankincense
  • rose geranium
  • clary sage

Important Safety Note:  If your child is very small and may get into the spray or otherwise misuse it, please store it up out of their reach when you are not in the room with them.  Essential oils are not safe to use internally.