Have you heard of Rosemary Gladstar?  Read any of her books?  She is an absolutely amazing herbalist, simply inspiring in a nourishing love filled kinda way.  Her books are infused with a plethora of knowledge that is easy to understand and relate too.  Her beautiful book, Family Herbal, A Guide to Living Life With Energy, Health and Vitality is no exception.  Filled with lovely pictures, stories and herbal tips this book is a great introduction to the world of herbs while also being a valuable resource for those more experienced with plant medicine.  Broken down into chapters for every member of the family this book has wonderful ideas for addressing everyone's needs.  There are also sections brimming with ideas for healthy eating, help with stress, body care recipes and remedies for times when we need a bit of herbal help such as during a cold or flu. Rosemary also includes a materia medica section complete with many favorite and useful plants as well as a section on making herbal medicines.  Through out the book you will find beloved wonderful recipes from Rosemary to try in your own home like:

  • Rosemary's Perfect Cream
  • Longevity Tonic and Chai
  • Chamomile Tisane
  • Energy Balls

Her recipes are easy to follow and produce wonderful medicines.  She often provides the reader with special little tips for medicine making success.

This is truly one of my favorite books.  Full of inspiration and wisdom, it is a delight to read and use.